Friday, June 26, 2009

Yummo Tacos

I noticed as I was walking about the Power & Light district today that the Yummo soup sign said that they were no longer serving Souperman soups at the Yummo store (both places owned and operated by Rob Dalzell). It also advertised $2 FroYo ($3.50 with toppings) apparently abandoning the pricing by the pound which usually resulted in me having $3.75 FroYo. They also had a sandwich board out front that advertised Korean bbq tacos 2/$2. I was shocked I didn't see the modern day Tom Joad, Meesha, inside eating Korean bbq tacos (if there's something free, Meesha will be there, if there's something severely discounted, Meesha will be there).

I had various lunch thoughts in my head before I saw that sign. They were all abandoned immediately and I headed into Yummo. Rob was manning the counter. I ordered the tacos and chose the short rib meat option (pork and chicken? were the other 2 options). Rob turned around and started to prepare my tacos. Since Rob and I are old buddies I made some small talk asking why they abandoned the soup. Rob said it was too hot for soup and then he confirmed my suspiscions when he said "I have to find a way to pay Cordish rent". He was hoping to be able to sell the tacos to the drunk late night set.

As any restaurant watcher knows, when a restaurant starts abandoning concepts and trying new specials and menu items, the restaurant is probably in trouble. I've been to Yummo maybe 20 times and walked by it over a hundred times and I would guess that I've seen a customer in there 1% of the time. They may get quite a bit of business with the later night crowd, but if they're open during the day, I would think they would have customers every once in a while.

As for the tacos, they were pretty good. $2 for a somewhat filling lunch is unheard of in this day and age. The sausage carts around the Sprint Center cost $3 for a hot dog. The tacos are definitely the better option. They come with some kind of tortilla, not the same as tortillas you usually see, but tasty nonetheless. I got a generous spoonful of short rib meat and it was topped with some form of asian slaw with onions, carrots, radishes and purple cabbage. Each taco was topped with a white sauce that I can't name but it was tasty. The whole dish was quite good and had a fair amount of spice. If I had had 5 beers, I might say this was a perfect taco, but since I didn't I would point out that it was a little salty. The tacos were full of flavor though and for $2 I would recommend them. I find it hard to pick nits on a food that cost me pocket change.

You should give Yummo a try for both the yogurt and the Korean barbecue tacos. If you don't do it soon, though, they may be gone.

UPDATE: Apparently this taco deal is developing. They are only offered on Tuesday through Friday and may be 3 for $2 when you go. Blog pal Meesha has pictures and his own korean taco story here. Mention the KC Hot Blog or KC With a Russian Accent when you get your tacos and you'll get.. well you'll get nothing, but it would be nice to mention us.


m.v. said...

I thought they were supposed to have kimchi

The DLC said...

Has a Dalzell restaurant ever failed? I read somewhere that he has family money, which makes sense considering the number of restaurants this guy has opened, seemingly oblivious to the economic climate.

{Jesus this goddamn captcha is unreadable)

Average Jane said...

I'm not surprised that they're salty - Souperman stuff is all hideously over-salted for my taste, too. It's a shame that all of the Dalzell places start with such good flavors and then salt them to death.

Faith said...

I wonder if he's a smoker...that used to totally fuck with Leo's palette until he quit. I absolutely hated telling him to stop over-seasoning things, dammit. But now that he's gone 2 years without a cigarette, it's like he can taste food again, and he realizes how decent it is on its own. It's nice.

I don't like Dalzell very much though, so if something as poorly named as "Yummo" failed, it wouldn't make me feel sorry for him.

m.v. said...

Tacos served Tue-Thursday, I just wasted a trip, good thing I didn't have to pay for parking.