Tuesday, June 9, 2009

El Pollo Rey

You owe the folks at El Pollo Rey an apology. Yes, you. Why, you ask? Well let me tell you utilizing a little tool called bullet points.
  • Because you haven't eaten there
  • Because you have wanted chicken and gone elsewhere
  • Because you're still not considering eating there
  • Because you've gone further for lunch
  • Because you have a favorite chicken place and it's not El Pollo Rey
  • Because you've eaten at Arby's, Long John Silvers, McDonalds or Taco Bell since May Day
  • Because you think grilled chicken couldn't possibly be better than fried
  • Because you've spent more than $7 on a lunch this month
  • Lastly, because you're going to finish reading this before you eat there. I'll wait for you to go. Go ahead...you're going to like it. I'll be here when you get back.
Your car smells great now doesn't it? I told you you'd like it.

In case you didn't go yet let me convince you. El Pollo Rey is a grilled chicken place at 1101 Kansas Ave in Kansas City, KS. It's ridiculously easy to get to, Kansas Ave. is one of the main streets of KCK (and only 10 minutes from downtown). I found it without knowing the address, it only took me a glance at Google Maps to determine the location.

You'll go in and be a little confused because a menu or menuboard will not be found. Just know, they have 2 menu items, whole chicken dinner and half chicken dinner. They may have a 3rd choice of 6 wings but I don't read Spanish so I can't be sure what the piece of paper I saw said, but I would guess it said 6 wings. The half chicken dinner costs $6.50 exactly and contains a leg, wing, thigh and breast. I don't know how much the whole bird costs but I would guess it would be under $13.

The place consists of a counter, a wood burning grill, a cooler full of Jarritos and Mexican Coke (Coke with cane sugar instead of corn syrup) and about 5 tables. You order your meal, and if you're like me, that will be the only English you hear in your time at El Pollo Rey. They have a soccer game on the TV and Mexican music playing on the radio. This is nothing to be concerned about, it's a sign of quality.

The grill guy will throw your chicken into a styrofoam container while the counter guy gathers your rice, beans, tortillas, hot sauce and pickled red onions (they may not be pickled but they were in a plastic bag with some sort of liquid and tasted like they were pickled) and puts them in your bag. You then go on your way and enjoy the smell in the car on the way to your eating destination.

At your eating destination you will eat the best chicken you can get in KC. I ripped mine off the bone and put it in one of the tortillas and added some of the pickled onions. I wraped it up a little and dipped in the salsa making a fabulous little grilled chicken taco. The tortillas are obviously freshly made, I'm unsure if El Pollo Rey makes them or has them delivered from one of the tortilla places all along Kansas Ave. It doesn't much matter because they're fresh and fabulous. The rice is a run of the mill Spanish rice which was good, but nothing special. The beans had bits of bacon and sausage in them and were a nice side with the chicken. The salsa was great and I found myself wanting more to dip my 2 leftover tortillas into.

The pieces of chicken aren't that big so it's not a problem to eat all 4 pieces. I thought going in that I would have my lunch and dinner for the $6.50 but that wasn't the case. I'm not complaining because every bite of the chicken carried the grilled flavor that I don't think could happen with a plumper chicken. The 4 pieces made for the perfect amount of lunch.

Now get out of here and go get you some, you won't be sorry. Make sure you take some cash because they don't take the plastic.


Aimee said...

Hrm. I might have to give it a shot sometime. Thanks for the suggestion.

m.v. said...

seems to be similar to Super Pollo on Independence Ave.
http://www.kcmeesha.com/2008/08/27/chicken-with-a-side-of-conspiracy/, I guess since I stopped paying for flickr my slideshow stopped working, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Paying for flickr is like paying for air. Please.

m.v. said...

it used to be included with my internet service, I am just saying that I had a slide-show linked to my post and now I don't. all my later photos are on picasa.

Anonymous said...

I checked this place out today. It was awesome! Highly recommended. Me gusta mucho!!!