Friday, June 5, 2009

Elbow Ice Cream

I'd been waiting in anticipation for 24 hours (since I read about it on Fat City) to get my hands on some Christopher Elbow strawberry balsamic ice cream. Stella was equally excited, aww who am I kidding, she was much more excited.

Lucky for me I got to leave work a couple of hours early today so I could drive over to Elbow instead of walking 6 blocks to sample some ice cream and bring home my pint. Unfortunately, they aren't giving samples today, they're not really well set up for it. So I only got to pick one flavor of the 12 or so they had. Normally in this kind of weather I would want something in the sorbet realm, I had my eye on the pineapple cilantro, but they were sold out of it plus all but one of the other sorbets. I really only had the choice of 6 or 7 flavors of ice cream.

I was torn between the Vietnamese cinammon and the fleur de sel caramel. I went with the fleur de sel caramel and I must say I can't imagine that being a wrong choice. It's simply wonderful. The caramel flavor is perfectly mixed in and does not overpower. It's just a wonderful ice cream.

They are only selling it until they run out and since they're out of half the flavors already I wouldn't expect it to last long. You'd better get over there quickly or you'll have to wait until next Friday as Christopher Elbow is only going to be selling ice cream on Fridays and Saturdays (I don't think they'll have too much ice cream left on Saturdays).


Owen said...

Oh you lucky bastard. I might have to beat down some people if they're out of the fleur de sel when I get there.

m.v. said...

Owen, how come they are giving away half of your job

Owen said...

I can't say much yet Meesha but it has my full blessing. Hopefully all will become clear in the next couple of weeks.

JJSKCK said...

I thought I'd be one of the few drawn to the prospect of balsamic ice cream, Bull. Justus Drugstore usually has 10 or so homemade flavors, and cherry balsamic happened to be one of them. It was wonderful, so I hope Elbow keeps theirs in the rotation.

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