Friday, October 31, 2008

Yummo, For Realz

I noticed today as I ventured into ChefBurger for lunch that Yummo, chef Rob Dalzell's newest restaurant(I hate saying "concept") was open(right next to ChefBurger). I must say when I heard Rob was going to open up a frozen yogurt shop, I was a little disappointed, not because I don't like yogurt, but because I'm not a big dessert person and don't typically seek dessert out.

I ate my ChefBurger, which I really enjoy now that they have the MF Combo (ChefBurger, waffle fries and soda for $7.99), and waited a couple of hours to burn off some of that load. A ChefBurger typically fills me up for an afternoon and I generally only require a small snack for dinner. But not today, today I knew that I was going to get myself some frozen yogurt. Why, you ask. Because I care about you, our dear readers (and I want to be the first to Yelp it).

As I was waiting the requisite couple of hours it took to burn off some of my burger, I noticed several people in my office carrying around little cups of what looked like ice cream. I went up to one of my friends in the office who was eating from a little cup and said “are you eating AGAIN?” (it's just that pleasant to work with me). She told me that the Yummo place is FAN-tastic. Yummo was the talk of the office for the next hour as more people went out to get some.

So about 2:30 I ventured down there with my health conscious workmate, Muddy Mo, to get us some yogurt. We walked in and it's mildly confusing what to do. Lucky for us Rob has painted on the wall instructions for what to do.
1. Grab a cup
2. Choose a flavor
3. Pick your toppings
Along the right hand wall were about 12 ice cream machines. They actually look like the smoothie machines at a QT. Above each ice cream machine was the flavor and nutritional information denoting the fat content, sodium, sugar and all that stuff those who frequently read nutritional information are familiar with. I noticed that most of the yogurts had 0g fat and around 100 calories. I had a tough time choosing between pumpkin and gingerbread and then I noticed my favorite flavor, pistachio. I nearly jumped out of my pants to get to the pistachio machine. They also had chocolate, vanilla, green tea, cappuccino, white chocolate macadamia, blueberry and a couple of sugar free variations of those.

I did misundertand one of the instructions that was on the machine. It said something like “only fill the cup half full so it doesn't spill when blended”. To me that meant only fill the cup half full, which I did. Then I went over to the toppings station and had a tough time deciding what to put on. Well, that's not entirely true, I loaded up on raspberries, which I love. I also threw on some Cocoa Pebbles and strawberries. But I stood at the toppings bar like a dunce for a long enough time that Rob was probably starting to worry about me (yes, Rob Dalzell was working the counter). There was all forms of cereal in the toppings bar from the aforementioned Cocoa Pebbles to Lucky Charms. There were 3 syrups, chocolate, butterscotch and I think apricot. There was also fresh strawberries and raspberries as well as cookies, gummy bears and candy bars. When you're done with the toppings you take your bowl of yogurt to the counter and Rob asks you to put it on the scale. You see, they charge by the ounce and it's 49 cents/oz. A stupid question to ask would be “how much is it per pound?” and I don't know anyone that did that, but I thought I would point out that it would be a stupid question to ask. Muddy Mo came over to the counter with his bowl of yogurt completely filled up, nearly overflowing from the bowl. I thought to myself what an idiot Muddy Mo is for not being able to read the signs. I thought he was going to get yelled at by Rob, but Rob said nothing. Then I realized that we had bowls, not cups, the cups were for smoothies, you know, the things that get blended. My brain really does shut down when I'm under pressure.

As Rob was ringing up Muddy Mo I asked him if today was their first day open. We had the following conversation*:
Rob: We opened yesterday [Thursday 10/30], we're going a soft opening to get our feet under us and work out any kinks (remember the ChefBurger make your own burger debacle?).
Me: Do you mind me writing about this on my food blog.
Rob: I knew I knew you, you're that guy, what's your name, Bull E. Vard? I was so happy that you started a food blog. You're really my favorite food and beverage writer.
Me: Thanks, I try.
Rob: Please, write, write away, whatever you write would be greatly appreciated. I'm just thankful I get to serve you.
Me: Thanks Rob.

*Portions of this conversation are patently false.

Muddy Mo and I ventured outside to the gazebo like thing and sat down at a table. Yummo does have tables inside the store but it was such a nice day that outside seemed to be the place to be. My pistachio yogurt was astoundingly good. I couldn't believe that it might have actually been healthy. Muddy Mo said that he usually shies away from fat free yogurt because it's generally horrible but Yummo yogurt is fabulous. In a taste test he didn't think he would be able to tell this fat free frozen yogurt from full fat frozen yogurt. I would never purchase anything fat free because of diet, but eating something fat free that tastes this good just feels good overall. I think I will be going back several times a week. I can't wait to try the pumpkin and gingerbread flavors before they go away. So anyway, I can't believe you finished this drivel and didn't leave to get some Yummo.


Chimpotle said...

I thought something was up. No one would ever thankful to serve you.

I may have to make a downtown lunch trip next week to try it out.

m.v. said...

I think Rob missed a big opportunity by not serving you free yogurt when he recognized you right away

Brian Rules the World said...

Sounds good, but hate the name. Rachel Ray has forever ruined Yummo, EVOO and several other annoying phrases that I probably wouldn't use anyway.

On a side note, when the hell does Dazell sleep? What's this his fifth restaurant in the past year? That guy works hard...

DLC said...

yummo is a rachel ray reference? That might be a dealbreaker.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear anyting about Mochi Yo, another yogurt place that's supposed to open downtown?