Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ethnic Cleansing

Our normal haunt around work for Mexican food, Margarita's North, got partially eaten by a tornado a couple of months ago, and we've been missing out on lunch taco specials ever since. Today, despite the fact that 2 - 6PM featured free Taco Bell tacos, we decided to venture out and enjoy the Latin food stylings of Jose Peppers.

This place gets worse every time I go, and I think the tipping point has been reached. One of my colleagues appeared to order a sour cream burrito. Another is quoted as saying, "Every time I squeeze the burrito, water comes out." That just sounds like a normal evening in my private lounge. The worst part, though...the part that made us really not want to order anything, was this:

The hostess actually left us a bottle of hand sanitizer when she seated us. This was not a mistake. Someone did not just leave it at the table. They intentionally gave us a bottle of hand sanitizer to enjoy with our meal. What the hell?

Am I supposed to use it right when I sit down because I'm too dirty to eat at your establishment? Do I use it afterwards to psychologically get the dirty feeling out from eating too many chips? Do I coat my fork in it to remove the spots and expedite the explosions that are no doubt coming to a bathroom near me? I'll have it be known that the whole experience made me not even express remote interest in stopping at Taco Bell for my free taco. I feel violated.


Bull E. Vard said...

The hand sanitizer definitely is an off putting experience. Stella and I were quite confused about the whole thing when we ate at Pepper's about a month ago.

Indie Jack said...

Very, very weird. I agree that this place seems to be going downhill fast. When my wife and I did order food--it was decent. Not great, not awesome, just decent. Walking out to the car I beleive it was she that said "let's not eat hear again". And we have not!!!