Saturday, October 25, 2008

Un Taco Volcan

In an effort to better understand other cultures, I decided to give this place by my house a try. It's called Taco Bell and I've been seeing commercials for Volcano Tacos. It is good that they take the time to translate the name of their food for ignorant gringos. To show that I was in the know, I ordered tres Taco Volcan. I'm sure that I got some special treatment by the native Mexico counter help because of my mastery of the Espanol.

I brought them home and unwrapped them and noticed that the shells were rojo (red). That is a nice touch, it lets gringos know that they are hot. Inside the taco was a layer of meat, some kind of melted nacho cheese (I'm guessing that it was authentic Mexican nacho cheese sauce), some lettuce and then some shredded cheese. I topped each taco volcan with something the Taco Bell folks call Fire sauce (once again, thanks to Taco Bell for translating these native ingredients).

I really enjoyed my tacos volcan. The service at the restaurant was phenomenal, they really went that extra mile by not only speaking English, but also translating their menu to English as well. The tacos volcan weren't overly hot, even with the fuego sauce. But for those that don't regularly eat spicy food, these tacos might be a little spicy. You may be better served with regular tacos (Taco Bell has these too). I think Taco Bell has a varied enough menu that even those less adventurous than I can find something to eat. Go give it a try.


m.v. said...

a real white person would try to order in native tongue.

jocosob said...

holy crap I just found this blog. Awesome work gentlemen.

I would appreciate a taco via review.

Brian Rules the World said...

Meesha's right... you should've ordered in the poorest Spanish you could muster. Of course, they may have spit in your taco, but they might have done that anyway.

On a related note, it really chaps my ass that Taco Bell only has mild, hot and fire sauces. Where the hell's medium? It's not like the hot is so blistering that no one can eat it. Stupid marketing department...