Thursday, October 23, 2008

QT Ham and Cheddar on Pretzel Bread

I don't typically eat at QuikTrip, maybe and occasional sausage, egg and cheese biscuit on a morning when I need to fill up the car on my way to work. But, I definitely don't make it a habit. I am, however, a regular QT customer, frequently buying fountain drinks and coffee. When I first heard about the QT Web Group, I immediately joined up. For those not in the know, being in the QT Web Group entails filling out a survey once a month or so, it literally takes about 5 minutes. The surveys are actually kind of interesting because you can get an idea of things they are thinking about such as drive-thrus and car washes. In exchange for giving your feedback each month, you get a coupon for something. I have a sweet slushie refillable cup with a divider that allows me to get 2 flavors of slushie at one time because of one of my coupons. Sometimes the coupon is for something kinda crappy and I don't end up using it.

Well, all of that preamble was to clue you in to the fact that I didn't actually purchase my QT Ham and Cheddar on Pretzel Bread, nor would I ever. But I can't say that I wasn't intrigued when I first saw it. The ham and cheddar is what QT calls a Hotzi sandwich and is available at the front of the store, already cooked and wrapped up. You walk in, grab one and pay for it and you're out of the store in 1 minute.

I got mine and brought it home. At no point in unwrapping it and photographing it did it look at all appetizing. At no point while eating it did I find it appetizing. It isn't that it tasted bad, it's that it had no taste. About halfway through the sandwich I started to actively hate it and had trouble chewing it and most of all had trouble swallowing. I finally had enough and threw out the last third of the sandwich. I didn't even want it in the house so I grabbed the entire trash bag and took it out to the garage trash can.

After a couple of more minutes, I knew that this wasn't going to just be a bad lunch. This was going to be an incident. I went in the bathroom and let the sink have it. That's right, the sandwich was so bad I threw it up.

Don't buy one of these things! It will ruin your day. I'm an hour and a half removed from the incident and just thinking about eating makes me want to throw up again. I guess the QT Ham and Cheddar on Pretzel Bread could be an integral part of an unhealthy weight loss scheme. So it has that going for it.


DLC said...

Thank you for the vomit pic. Thank you so very much.

(the captcha word for this comment is "hotso")

TheKCGuy said...

Oh my gosh! It's rare that I actually laugh out loud at crap like this, but you did it. Have you been reading again? This seems like something that should be there.

"The D" said...

A real man would have kept that dog food down.

Gabriel said...

You could pair this with qt's "loaded" potato bites if you really wanted a good purging.

Bull E. Vard said...

KC Guy, thanks, I've never read

Gabriel, I would never eat those mutant potatoes, it makes me kind of sick just knowing they exist.

The D, at least I don't puke on the Plaza.

DLC, you're welcome.

m.v. said...

I saw the picture earlier and didn't realize what it was until I read the text. This blog is the tabloid of food blogging

Owen said...

Now really? Who posts a picture of his vomit? I am assuming that is the vomit from the QT sandwich and not just a random vomit picture you have lying around. (And in the immortal words of Spinal Tap, you can't dust for vomit.)

Chimpotle said...

How could your wife not love this? You should offer to give her a hotzi carl.