Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let Freestuff Ring

I was visibly giddy all day yesterday. I voted with my family a week prior to the election and had my daughter where my "I voted" sticker to pose for some pictures. That would prove to be a huge mistake as all of the "free food item with voting sticker" promotions started rolling out. My wife still had hers, and since she works in the middle of nowhere, I would just take hers...until she left Tuesday morning without giving it to me. By the grace of all that is good, my carpool companion showed up with two stickers and it was on.

I-35 was completely backed up, so it provided a good excuse to take side roads and conveniently guide us past the Krispy Kreme on Antioch and Shawnee Mission Parkway. They were giving out free, patriotic sprinkle donuts. The sprinkles and icing tasted like crap and there was no glaze on the donut. Normally, I feel the glaze is just a little too much, but eating a Krispy Kreme without made me realize how necessary it is to make those things edible. Eating that donut was comparible to the first time you see one of your spank bank movie stars without make-up on.

The next stop was for a free cup of coffee at Starbucks. I will preface this with that fact that I had never tried coffee until yesterday. After yesterday, I will never try it again. Ack. My tongue is burnt. It tasted like ass. I can't believe you people waste your time and money drinking this stuff. Although, now I understand why half of the people in line were still ordering their various coffee-ish drinks that cost money yesterday rather than taking the free stuff.

I tried to talk some co-workers into a free beer at McCoy's, but that was a no-go. My list hope for something free was stopping by Chick-fil-A on the way home. I got off an exit early to quickly swing by, turned onto the access road and then proceeded to try and find the quickest way to get the hell out. Complete insanity at Chick-fil-A. After seeing all the people inside on our drive-by, I had to turn into the sea of cars in order to get to the best exit to get home. There is no way a chicken sandwich was worth putting up with that crap. I love free stuff, but people need to learn when to draw the line. Is a $3 item really worth 30-60 minutes of your life?

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mike said...

Starbucks makes terrible coffee. Crappy way to be introduced.