Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Glory Day at Subway

I'm a frequent eater at the Subway in the food court at 12th and Main. A Subway in which I've never received a greeting, a thank you or any words that make me think that my business is appreciated. It is simply the Subway with the worst customer service in town.

Like any frequent Subway customer, I had my favorite sandwich artists. But, in this Subway, favorite is a relative term because the best one is no better than the worst one at a normal Subway. Over the years, I've noted the 5 different people employed and sometimes skip my sandwich altogether if the rotation isn't right or if the lady with needle marks and scabs is touching the meat or produce.

But, today when I got my sandwich, I was treated to a whole new crew. None of the old crew was visible. One of the new people even said hi to me. Unprecedented! Also, the new guy threw a new procedure at me, he cut my cold cuts in half and folded them together before placing them on my bread. This way the meat doesn't hang over the sides like a turned out sorority girl after a roofie at a frat party. Not since the cessation of the v-cut has Subway made the sandwich less trampy (and no, I don't put mayonnaise on my sandwich).

One other thing about Subway today was the absence of a line. Usually, the line is about 10 deep. I think it's the new crew getting the sandwiches made a little faster, but I could be wrong.

Good riddance, old Subway crew. I think we should stick to the new crew.

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Chimpotle said...

Give it a month, you'll have a new crew to jack up your sandwich. The lady in the crew by my work would stab you in the neck given half the chance.