Monday, April 6, 2009

Yo Mochi

This weekend marked the grand opening for local frozen yogurt shop Mochi-Yo in the OneNineteen Shopping area in Leawood, KS. If you missed the coverage in most of the local papers and related internet sites, you probably did not miss the guerrilla marketing campaign that saw nightmare inducing, life-sized mochi balls hitting the streets around 119th & Roe. Seriously, I thought I was tripping balls in the middle of the afternoon with some sort of Dig-Dug flashback.

To celebrate their opening, Kirk Goza and Wes Bergmann decided to treat the entire city to a free serving of their product on Saturday or Sunday. Free tasters were passed out in the line (which was pretty short and fast moving when I showed up Saturday afternoon) and each person was given a full cup of one of the four flavors covered in all the toppings they desired.

From what I understand, they will regularly feature an original flavor along with a green tea and then have two flavors that alternate. For the opening, the two flavors were green apple and blueberry. I took a taster of the green apple, which was very green apple-y and then went with the blueberry for my full sample. Blueberry with mochi balls and Fruity Pebbles. Not really sure why I failed to snap any pictures of my creation, but it was beautiful and delicious. Mochi is not something I have had before in any form, so I wanted to give the topping a shot since it is in the name. The best way to describe them is gummi in consistancy but flavored like marshmallow. They went quite well with the blueberry.

My wife went with the green tea, which I can't say I cared for much. Of the three flavors of yogurt I tried, I would definitely rate them from best to worst as blueberry, green apple and then green tea. The wife got strawberry mochi balls, which are also down on my list. It seemed like the strawberry in the mochi brought out the rice flavor a lot more. There are also green tea mochi balls, but I think I'll stick with the original.

The Mochi-Yo facility itself was decorated nicely. Bright colors. Small interior like you see at most ice cream places. The design definitely sets it apart from the competition though. There were plenty of employees on hand for the opening event, and all of them were extremely nice and helpful. Someone got us pointed to the correct end of the line. Another took down our personal info with the promise of free birthday yogurt. Others discussed the product with us while we waited in line.

If you're still not sure if Mochi-Yo is something worth your time, I humbly submit this review by my 11-month old daughter.

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