Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So You're Telling Me There's a Chance

Joyce Smith is reporting that Trader Joe's is interested in opening in Kansas City, they just need to find the right location. This is certainly good news for those of us who really enjoy Trader Joe's.

Also, kudos to the KC Star for actually breaking a news story, no matter how insignificant. It just goes to show that newspapers aren't dead...yet.


m.v. said...

that would be nice,I always visit one in STL

Faith said...

OMG, this discussion has been going on for over 3 years now. It's getting somewhat ridiculous!

When I was at a local property development firm in 2006, it was understood that TJ's will only come to town if they can find 3 sites they can open on BOTH SIDES of the state line. I have no idea why they had that stipulation, but obviously, it causes a problem due to Kansas liquor laws.

I think they wanted to open two stores in Missouri, and then one in Kansas. ::shrugs:: It's been a while, so the specifics are tough to recall.

But until Kansas changes their liquor laws (so that TJ's can sell wine in their stores on that side of the state line just like they can on the Missouri side), you can forget about them coming to town, really. Let's be honest...they definitely would wanna plunk that store down in JoCo, if anywhere in the metro. And that just cannot happen.

JJSKCK said...

Kansas is indeed an option for Trader Joe's. They have plenty of stores throughout the country which have separate entrances for the liquor store.

And don't worry--they won't open a store that DOESN'T sell wine and beer. In fact, Unibroue even makes a special brew for Trader Joe's.

If they come to KC, they'll definitely open more than one (economies of scale), so don't start any turf wars!

Last thing: Two Buck Chuck (now $3) is AWFUL. I'm so sick of hearing people rave about it. Why do that when they have perfectly tasty wines for $5-6?

m.v. said...

2 buck chuck is one of the things that are over-rated just because they are hip. if you don't like it you "just don't get it"

Faith said...

Agreed on the 2 Buck Chuck. I tried it at my dad's once, and I HATED it. I'm not a wine snob, by any means, but I'll happily spend $7 on my favorite Gallo gallon (hee!) instead of ever drinking that crap again. ::shudders::

Anonymous said...

Hopefully NOT in KCMO. Lees Summit is a good choice.

The DLC said...

Trader Joe's in the 'Watchmen' of grocery stores. Except Watchmen actually happened.

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