Thursday, February 26, 2009

RJ's Bob-Be-Que and Baseball

Last year around the time of the Royals home opener, I decided to try RJ's Bob-Be-Que in Mission for lunch on my work from home day. I remember watching the Royals game while eating my pulled pork sandwich. It kind of became a little tradition for the first couple of months of the baseball season, as there were a bunch of Thursday day games early in the season.

The mini tradition fell out of favor a little bit for no real reason. Until recently when I discovered that I hadn't been to RJ's in several months. When I drove by a couple of weeks ago I noticed that they had added a little carryout entrance and had a carryout special of a sandwich and fries for $3.99. That's about as cheap of a bbq lunch you can get in this town.

On my work from home day last week I went over to RJ's and picked up a regular (6 oz.) pulled pork sandwich. As always it was pretty great. They have real good barbecue and better than average fries. But the 6 oz. sandwich does tend to be a little much if you're just not that hungry. The $3.99 special is for a 3 oz. sandwich and fries which ends up being a perfect lunch portion.

I went there and got the special today. While I was waiting for them to package up my sandwich I noticed that a spring training baseball game was on ESPN. So when I got my sandwich home, I turned on the game and the tradition begins anew. I just hope next week there's a Cubs or Indians game on.


TheKCGuy said...

I agree RJ's is a pretty good lunch deal. I think they've knocked a dollar off of that price, maybe sometime over this winter. The place doesn't ever seem to be very crowded to me, so sometimes I worry about it a bit. That just makes me go back more often.

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