Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cake Duel

My daughters are turning 4 this week and they couldn't decide upon one theme for their birthday party. So we were stuck with 2, meaning 2 cakes. The oldest girl (a full 3 minutes older) got a princess cake with a tiara on it and the younger one got a Tinkerbell cake. Both cakes were made and designed by Stella's friend, the Dame of Cakes.

The transportation of these was the worst part. We had a very stressful drive from Olathe to the Bull E. Vard mansion in north JoCo. Stella had to sit on the ground in the back of the van holding the cakes. I had to have a beer by the time we got home.

The best thing about these cakes aside from the design, was that the frosting is made from buttercream and not fondant which tastes like eating box.

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