Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dame of Cakes

So, my laptop broke last week and I’ve been using Stella’s. I noticed in the emails her friend Carey had sent a picture with the subject line of “My NBC Cake” (which is kind of a funny sentence for a Wichitan to read because we associate cake with ABC, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). So I looked at it expecting a cake with a peacock or NBC on it somewhere. Instead it just looked like some kind of fancy store bought cake covered in fondant.

A little later in the evening Stella told me about the NBC cake (which I think should be called the KSHB cake, but whatever). Apparently Carey had made this cake for her friend Brett Anthony to give to Christa Dubill (click here to see more cakes) for her birthday. And while she was there dropping it off or something (to be honest I was only half listening, Anthony Bourdain was on), Jasper Mirabile from Jasper’s was taping his weekly segment and he saw and liked the cake. He liked it so much he decided to commission a cake for her to do. It turns out that Duff from Ace of Cakes actually turned down the offer to make this cake (I don’t know why).

So anyway as Christa Dubill writes, Carey does take orders casually and is booked through March (incidentally she’s booked doing my girls’ 4th birthday cakes). But from the looks of it she does a great job. I have eaten some of her other culinary creations and enjoyed them. This is all very interesting to me because 1. she’s one of Stella’s best friends 2. I know her well enough to lie to her every time I speak to her and 3. I had no idea until last night that she made and decorated cakes.

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