Tuesday, January 20, 2009

K(F)C Hot Wings

I feel the need to do this public service announcement to anyone not already wise enough to avoid eating at KFC. After my 100th viewing of the sauceless hot wing commercial and my wife being limited to bed rest, I made the improper decision to stop at KFC for dinner and settle in for the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

If there is one thing KFC's sauceless hot wings need, it's sauce to cover up their wretched flavor. Frankly, I couldn't even tell I was eating a hot wing until the following day, when a little sauce as lubrication would have been much appreciated.


Owen said...

I believe the correct term amongst fifteen-year-olds for this post is "TMI"

Chimpotle said...

I'm just watching out for our loyal readers' taste buds...and cornholes