Friday, February 27, 2009

The Barbecue Forum

I took a vacation day today so I can go to my kids' parent/teacher conferences. As I was sitting around with the kids watching Handy Manny (I like to try and figure out which episodes Wilmer recorded after all night coke binges) I was monitoring Twitter. Matt Yglesias, author of a very smart liberal blog, tweeted that he was in KC attending an economics forum at the Kauffman Foundation. Since I grew up with wonderful midwestern values and consider myself an emissary for Kansas City, I replied to him that he should have someone take him to Oklahoma Joe's.

Apparently, Yglesias is a little better at reading Twitter replies from non-followers than I am, because he responded within minutes. Kauffman Foundation had brought the attendees Oklahoma Joe's, and Arthur Bryant's and I'm guessing, Gates. The nosy bastards at the Huffington Post also responded that Kauffman provided Oklahoma Joe's. They served them a wide variety of KC Barbecue. The Kauffman Foundation really knows what it's doing.

For the record, the favorite was Oklahoma Joe's. This is the reason why it is my pat answer to the question "where should I eat in KC". Every city has fine dining restaurants that are pretty close to the same. Oklahoma Joe's is not replicated in other towns, there is simply nothing else like it.

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