Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sweet Potato Snack

Don't let the Japanese script on the packaging fool you, these sweet potato snacks are not to be feared. They have a texture reminiscent of hot fries with a puffed middle and shaped more like a waffle fry. They really do taste like sweet potatoes, but aren't overly sweet. Then to bring this snack up legen.. wait for it.. dary status, each fry has one or two black sesame seeds. The Nong Shim Sweet Potato Snack is a truly addictive snack.

One of my coworkers brought in a bag and set them on the table outside of her cube. I became a frequent visitor over the course of the day. I had to ask where to get them. She got her bag at what she called a Korean market, but is really the Oriental Super Market (10336 Metcalf) at 103th and Metcalf, by the Rainbow Korean restaurant and Jose Peppers. I'm going to eat my weight in these things this month.

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m.v. said...

I go to asian markets all the time and buy weird stuff, it's a hit-and-miss. also while I am not afraid of poisonous substances if something is made in china it may contain whatever crap they put in milk.