Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celestial Showdown

Due to what I can only guess is my habit of sharing Dum-Dum suckers with my infant daughter, I came down with the worst head cold ever in time to head back to the office after a long weekend. It was my intention to pack up some of our Republic of Tea bags and enjoy them at the office, but that didn't happen. So I checked the beverage cart in the break room and we are apparently decked out with a full line of Celestial Seasonings products. As it so happens, we have four holiday themes flavors which I have mentally pitted in a tournament of my tastebuds.

I have seeded each tea based off of the descriptive name and my known tastes:
Normally, gingerbread would be number one, but I also love me some mint and that flavor carries more clout in the realm of hot beverages. I have never eaten a plum or desire to, so it figures in last. Stay tuned for this battle of goliaths.

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