Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feels like an Arby's Night

I'm not sure free is cheap enough for me to eat at Arby's but Arby's is offering a free roast beef sandwich with any purchase (just click on the link). I suppose you could choke down a jamocha shake (they still have those don't they) if it meant a free roast beef sandwich. I guarantee I wouldn't use any horsey sauce on my sandwich. Really could Arby's be less appetizing? I don't think so.


TheKCGuy said...

Yep, they still have Jamocha shakes, or at least they did last year on my last visit. That's about the only thing that can get the taste of that beef out of your mouth.

And don't knock the horsey sauce. If you use enough of it, you can almost taste horseradish.

Chimpotle said...

My wife loves this crap. I try to avoid it, but usually give in on a road trip since the options are slim on most midwest highways. I always forget though, that Arby's outside of KC put Arby sauce on the beef & cheddar and end up cursing the sons of bitches 5 miles down the highway.