Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bull Burger

I grew up fairly poor and it wasn't often that we had hamburger buns in the house, so I gained a taste for the bunless burger. This particular burger is a 1/2 pound of 80% ground chuck with onion powder, Penzey's Chicago Steak seasoning, salt and pepper. I also tore up 2 pieces of cooked bacon and mixed it into the raw meat along with a bit of dijon mustard. I threw it on the grill at the highest heat possible and cooked one side. After 5 minutes I flipped the bad boy over and threw a pat of butter and 2 pieces of whatever cheese we had in the fridge on top. After it finished cooking, I plated it and covered it in Tabasco and cracked black pepper.

I kind of laugh that in an Atkins diet this is an acceptable meal, I always thought it was an indulgence someone of my slim physique (way back when) could get away with.

If you want some kind of side dish you can roast a couple of jalapenos and peel the skins off.


DLC said...

Too poor for hamburger buns?

Bull E. Vard said...

Too poor to have them around all the time. My mother thought regular bread was acceptable for a hamburger.

DLC said...

Come to think of it, my mother was the same way. I remember that horrible texture of soggy sandwich bread soaked with ketchup. Totally ruined homemade hamburgers for me.

Chimpo said...

Ah, the soggy bread bun. That is just an awful experience.