Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barley's is Back

Barley's Brewhouse, a KC Hopps affiliated establishment, at 119th and Quivera recently re-opened their doors after spending the month of September doing an extensive remodel. Barley's is famously known for having 99 beers on tap at any given time and are going for a gastopub feel after completely gutting the 12-year old restaraunt.

You can view some shots of the remodel process on their website or see the completed product starting this week. Barley's has always been a favorite of mine, so mayeb I'll see you there. Look for the fat guy enjoying the house-made sausage.


"The D" said...

I'm poping your comment cherry W00T!

This is the Barley's out by the movie theater? 435 and Midland?

Chimpo said...

No. What part of 119th & Quivera do you not understand?

"The D" said...

Apparently all of it.