Monday, November 16, 2009

Get Your Groupon

Until a matter of minutes ago, I really had no idea what Groupon was, but they have opened a Kansas City chapter starting today. The basic premise is that they offer some sort of deal where you pay x to get larger amount y. The catch is that the deal only kicks in when z amount of people buy in. It seems like a pretty good idea since they actually give you incentive to bug the crap out of your friends, and I would hope it is something that involves mostly local places.

The first Groupon is for Woodyard Bar-B-Que and nets you $15 worth of food for $7. You can purchase into it anytime today up until midnight, and enough people have bought in already that you will get the deal. If this isn't the deal for you and you don't want to visit the site every day, it looks like they have a Twitter account setup.

What I really like about the Groupon site is that they give some great info on the place from local blogs. It looks like they might just be raping UrbanSpoon's content, but it's nice that they throw that info in for easy access and credit local bloggers.

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The DLC said...

I also love that they credit local bloggers, but was embarrassed to see that my excerpt contained two grammatical errors compelling them to use [sic] twice. Makes me look like an educated cretin.