Monday, November 16, 2009

Breakfast Wars

For those of you not living on the outskirts of the Kansas suburbs, you probably aren't aware of the war being waged at 151st & Metcalf. Last Thursday, Dunkin Donuts opened their first new location since exiting the KC metro many years ago. Since I live 50 blocks from there and work even farther, I made no effort to make to their hoopla that was extensively covered on Twitter as well as via radio, newspaper, etc.

So on Saturday I decided to make the trip south after dropping off some recycling. For some reason, I thought the line wouldn't be as bad mid-Saturday morning after being open for 3 days. I was wrong.

I just went through the completely vacant Hardee's drive-thru to enjoy the best fast food breakfast available. This is especially true since they brought back hash rounds as a choice over country potatoes. This is the view from my crappy cell phone camera as I exit Hardee's. Lots and lots of little heads floating if you squint.

While I was expecting that there could be a line at Dunkin, I was not expecting an onslaught of McDonald's mascots offering free food.

What is a cinnamon melt? What in the hell is Grimace? Why are they standing in front of Taco Bell? The McDonald's is to the right. Another two McDonald's employees and the Hamburglar were working the previous corner. As for the cinnamon melts? Pretty glad I didn't stop.


Tim said...

DD was a real letdown. 30 minutes for very ordinary donuts. +1 on Hardee's breakfast. The omelet biscuit has no competitors.

Anonymous said...

What kind of tard waits in a line for a donut that is the same as what you get from quiktrip?

Johnna said...

Happy to see your thoughts on DD. Sticking with my plan to not go there. And about those Quiktrip donuts, well...I kinda like them. :)

Sean said...

QT donuts are at least made here in KC, not shipped frozen!!!! Will never go back coffee was not that good either