Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Real Big Problem

If you have never been to El Camino Real, you are doing yourself a favor. Not only am I out $6.50 for lunch, but I have lost all sorts of productivity throughout the afternoon because I can't stop smelling my hands.

Fat City lists El Camino as the best cheap taco in the city. Meesha did some incredible reporting on their operation, featuring the first pictures of food I ever contemplated pleasuring myself to.

Sour creaming myself on the side

But getting back to the issue at has been 4 hours since I went to El Camino for lunch, and my hands still smell of fresh-made, corn tortillas. The grease must just sink into your skin and never let go. Co-workers have washed their hands multiple times with little success. I'm scared to touch myself when using the restroom for fear that my wife will think I've been humping on a ball of masa again.

About the only good things to come out of this experience is a belly full of al pastor and being able to legitimately ask co-workers why they keep smelling their fingers.


"The D" said...

On the bright side now you won't feel funny asking people to smell you finger after just leaving the bathroom.

Not that you would have felt funy about it before.

kc food guy said...

That's your review? You don't like El Camino because your hands smell after? That's like saying you don't like Carmen's because you have garlic breath afterward. I personally don't like sex because I'm all sweaty and yucky afterward.


Chimpotle said...

It's a joke. You're a retard.