Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Food Does Taste Good

So a few weeks ago I ate some chips and blogged the awful results on my personal site. Magically, a wonderful rep from Food Should Taste Good saw my post and offered to make amends for the experience. I browsed the site and picked flavors that sounded the most interesting to my palate, but limited it two so I didn't feel like a total mooch. Little did I know, I was receiving an awesome hookup of two full bags of each of those flavors along with three sample bags of some others.

Thanks to the generosity of Food Should Taste Good, I decided to spread the wealth and setup a tasting panel in the office. After all, it was a co-worker who had the misfortune of originally purchasing the Buffalo (sauce) flavored chips.

Our main mistake with the Buffalo was that the chips were bought to eat alone, while in reality they are a tortilla chip/cracker. These things need to be accompanied by another flavor. The bag says they are good enough to be eaten by themselves, but I would beg to differ. So I took some other advice from the back of the bags and supplied two of the specific items they suggest. For the Jalapeno, I grabbed some sharp cheddar cheese spread and guacamole. The Sweet Potato was accompanied by apple butter and some powdered cinnamon.

With the added ingredients, these chips begin to stand out. I don't know if you can attribute the overall flavor to the chips or the toppings, but everything tasted great. Well, aside from the store bought guacamole that was actually comprised of less than 2% avocado. I wish I would have taken a picture to share the disgusting sight with you, but I also have no desire to vomit right now. Thanks Dean's Dips!

Even without the flavor aids, all the chips we sampled were better than the Buffalo. It's hard to reconcile a bold flavor like buffalo sauce to a chip style that is not heavily flavored. Buffalo is something you look more for in a Dorito than Tostito, and these Food Should Taste Good chips align with the latter. That being said, I almost prefer these chips over a Tostito-style chip. These seem like something great to buy if you are looking to focus more on accompanying a specific dip/flavor/whatever as opposed to buying a generic chip that can be used in any dip because it has no real taste outside of being salted. The chips are hearty, taste a lot less salty and I believe in all cases are gluten and lactose free.

Of the five new varieties tried, Cinnamon did the least for me. The taste of cinnamon and sea salt was just off. I'm generally not a big fan of the sweet/salty combo, but I also don't think cinnamon is a sweet. Potato & Chive had the bang of flavor we were looking for on the Buffalo. These things are an explosion of chive flavor. Multigrain basically tastes like what you think it would. Jalapeno is my favorite and a nice tortilla chip with bits of jalapeno baked in. While there isn't a lot of heat in the flavor, you definitely know you are eating something that tastes like jalapenos rather than being flavored to heat your mouth. The Sweet Potato may be the most diverse of them all. I never really noticed the sweet potato flavor until eating another chip and going back to it. It tastes decent and could easily be used with a mild salsa or something sweet like apple butter.

Overall, the experience was a nice treat and got me to look deeper at the product. It's amazing how just a little customer service can bring someone from slamming your company on a random blog to enjoying and touting the product.


m.v. said...

so now you are trolling for a free dip?

Chimpotle said...

I would settle for getting my money and/or appetite back.