Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grinders Hot Wings

The hot wings at Grinders are indeed very hot, very nearly inedible. You almost need surgical gloves to eat them and it helps if you don't get any on your lips. Apparently I'm an idiot for actually purchasing them and eating them. I need friends like Ramsey who would be willing to pay me $300 to eat 3. That's a lot better deal than the $5.95 or so I paid myself to eat them. Eating stuff Ramsey pays him to could be a very lucrative career for Chimpo.
I've long had a thought that amongst KC area bloggers, Ramsey's life most resembles a sitcom. He's hopelessly upbeat and happening, he plays soccer regularly, he has like 8 jobs that aren't related. Who wouldn't watch the Ramsey Show?


m.v. said...

that guy is a wimp, 3 wings in an hour? pussy!in 1 hr I would've eaten at least $1500 worth.

Bull E. Vard said...

I chose not to deride the dude for having a tough time. They are legitimately hot wings, but 3 in an hour is pretty easy. If they came with surgical gloves it wouldn't even bother me all that much (assuming I had some Nexium).

Ramsey Mohsen said...

I made the bet -- obviously not expecting to lose... it was what I thought to be a "smart bet". Turned out to be the most expensive video blog I've ever done.


Chimpotle said...

I think the ranch was a total cop out. He should have only been allowed what the initially gave him.

This is also to confirm that I am open to any and all comers in the realm of edible bets.