Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheese Turds

When I first saw a commercial for the BK Cheese Tots, my mood was pretty much one of disgust. That being said, I went ahead and finally got some since I am working from home this week, had to drop the kid off at daycare, and am a fast food breakfast fiend.

The verdict? Awful. It's pretty much a tot with creamy, processed cheese inside. Chances are you'll burn the holy hell out of your mouth if you get a fresh batch. If that doesn't cause you to spit the tot out, your gag reflex soon should.

This whole ordeal helped me remember a discussion I had with some friends about the best and worst fast food breakfasts. The top and bottom were completely unanimous between the three of us, but I'm sure there's some gray area in between. I'll save that discussion for tomorrow when I make a trip to the number one spot after some morning errands.


m.v. said...

if you couldn't eat it they must be truly disgusting. thanks for your public service.

Chimpo said...

Let's be clear about one thing...I ate them all.