Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boulevard Smokestack Series: Saison-Brett

In late 2007, Boulevard Brewing of Kansas City introduced a new line of craft beers called the Smokestack Series. This week, they released the fifth installment of the series, Saison-Brett, on a limited release. How limited? Each bottle is numbered with the label listing a total of 11,950 bottles produced. As it so happens, I have bottles 3383, 3479 and 3509.

Due to the beer being limited to fewer than 12k bottles, liquor stores are charging about a $4 premium compared to the normal Smokestack beers. As of Monday, Lukas Liquor in Overland Park had a few bottles on the shelf. This afternoon, I was able to find some bottles in the fridge at Gomer's in Lenexa. If you want to wait until next week, Batson Liquor in Mission said that is likely when they will receive their shipment. I would recommend checking on Monday when they feature the Smokestake Series 10%-off.

As for the beer itself, I love it. If it's not my favorite of the series, it is definitely top 2. It's actually kind of odd since the regular Smokestack Saison is not one of my favorites. Overall the beer is pretty light, and I think the dry hopping it goes through improves the flavor for me. The Saison-Brett is 8.5% alc/vol.

If you want to try this beer out, I suggest you start hitting the streets because it won't be in stores for long. I know of at least three bottles you won't be getting your hands on, and I may go on another shoppign spree.

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