Saturday, August 14, 2010

New York Chain

I remember reading a comment about the Jones Pool that said something like "it's something like you might find in a big city like New York". You hear that sentiment about a lot of things in KC. For some people midwestern things aren't good enough, you need to be like the big city. I'm not a New York basher and I love big cities, but that kind of self defeating attitude is a bunch of shit and I don't shit like that.

This came to mind when I was reading this article on NY Eats, the 10 chain restaurants that should come to NY. Never mind that we have 9 of the 10 chains in KC, but 3 of them are Denny's, Waffle House and Chili's. The Chili's entry really cracks me up.
You know the jingle, but here's something you maybe didn't know: the ribs at Chili’s are slow smoked over actual pecan wood so that they are always tender and fall right off the bone. It’s practically the poor man’s Blue Smoke.
 Now tell me something Kansas Citians, would you ever go to Chili's for ribs? Can you imagine living somewhere that going to Chili's for ribs would be something you would think about doing? Think about that the next time you have some sort of self defeating attitude about living in KC. New York strives to get Chili's ribs...who's better now?


Anonymous said...

You can't order Chili at Chili's. WTF?

smh said...

Damn right. Also--something I've never understood--KC is a big city. Granted NY is a megalopolis that is nearly unfathomable in size and density. But still, KC has 2mm people. We have culture, restaurants, entertainment. Perhaps not on the exact scale of NY, but still--this ain't exactly a village.

Chimpotle said...

You would be disgusted at the amount of KC residents that order ribs at Chili's.

Olentangy said...

Most of these chains are crap. Sonic is OK, PF Chang's is OK, but WAFFLE HOUSE? CRACKER BARREL? Really?

Nuke said...

My cousin and her family were in town for a gun show a while back and visited Arthur Bryants early Friday. They all had sandwiches and fries.

Saturday night, after the show, my brother and I met up with them at a Chili's (it was a convenient half way point). Anyway her stepson had the ribs.

It took everything I had not to give him hell for having plain turkey on bun at a rib place and ribs at Chili's. That kid is bass akwards.

tyler hilker said...

it reminds me of this old joke:

Tourist: "Could you give us directions to Olive Garden?"
New Yorker: "No, but I could give you directions to an actual Italian restaurant"

Anonymous said...

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