Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Dining Chronicles - Dickey's Barbecue Pit

I found my way down to south JoCo with just my 2 hungry girls. I knew Dickey's Barbecue Pit (7248 W. 121st St by the Costco) had my barbecue meat of choice, hot links, on the menu and I had to give it a shot. I love my barbecue spicy and hot links bring the spice and, unfortunately local KC barbecue restaurants have an outright ban on the hot link.

I had no idea if Dickey's was in any way kid friendly, but I was almost certain it wouldn't be filled with nude women or anti-kid hipsters, both of which are equally offensive to family dining. We walked in with no other knowledge of Dickey's. It took a moment to determine what I wanted and what to get the kids. They have 3 sizes of sandwich. $3, $5 and $7 as well as 3 sizes of meat plates. I'm more of a fan of barbecue sandwiches, especially in a place that I'm unsure of barbecue quality. I decided on the $5 hot link sandwich for me and the girls decided upon a ham sandwich and fries. They have kids meals which are free all July after 5 PM, but a $3 sandwich, side and drink is only $4 the rest of the time.

They dress each sandwich with onion, pickle and sauce, but it's like Subway when you order, you can specify what you want as they do it. I presume this means a choice of sauce, mild, original or spicy, but when asked for sauce, I just said "yes". This created a problem for one of the girls because, unbeknownst to me, she won't eat barbecue sauce and I ended up having to scrape it off. The fries are the waffle variety and because of that I didn't get them with my sandwich. I decided on the onion strings (they give them some other name, but they're onion strings) as my side. In retrospect I should have gone with my gut and got fried okra as the strings were quite greasy and a quarter of them were a little burnt and kind of infected the whole batch with that burnt batter taste.

As for the hot link sandwich, it was mediocre. It wasn't very spicy hot but had a spicy taste like it had quite a bit of paprika or ancho rather than jalapeno or cayenne. With the original sauce the hot link sandwich was fine, but definitely not a great sandwich. The kids' ham sandwich looked positively wonderful. The ham was cut kind of thick, unlike the Gates ham on bun, more like a ham steak. I think next time I'll give the ham a shot.

In addition to your meal, they have free whole pickles at the condiment stand, the kind you'd pay $1 for at a festival or fair concession. This made my oldest daughter quite happy as she loves pickles. For dessert they also have free soft serve ice cream you help yourself to. You can get either a cup or a cone. It was pretty good soft serve ice cream, much better than you get most places.

I'm not going to say that Dickey's Barbecue Pit is anything other than average in KC. There is just too much barbecue that is better in town, but if you drop a Dickey's anywhere in Nebraska or Iowa it would be a strong choice for barbecue. But, for treating kids to a good time it's an excellent choice. Plus, they have some  menu items that aren't found on many KC barbecue restaurants; hot links and fried okra, as previously mentioned, green beans with bacon or jalapeno beans or barbecue stuffed baked potatoes can also be found. Plus, it's quite affordable, adults can eat a pretty good meal for $7.50 and kids eat free on Sundays and every day in July after 5 PM. Of all the places you can take your kids to eat, Dickey's ranks pretty high in the taste and affordability scales. For that, I guess I'm a fan of Dickey's Barbecue Pit.


Faith said...

I have been craving a baked potato since last week. And they have one that is stuffed with barbecue of some sort? I am so there tomorrow for lunch, it's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love their chicken sandwich, and once you try the baked potato casserole, nothing else matters.

TKC=Sad Clown said...

I tried the beef sand and beans at Dickey's and was pleasantly surprised. Opening a chain BBQ in KC takes some chutzpah (I'm talking to you, Famous Dave), and Dickey's might have what it takes to succeed here.