Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's Fresher than Fresh?

Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones needs your help. For those of you who don't know, Fresher Than Fresh (FTF) is a local purveyor of snow cones that sets up shop Sundays at the corner of 17th & Summit during these warm summer months. To put it in their own words:
We are Kansas City's 1st all natural snow cone stand on wheels! Our mission is to please modern tastebuds that are looking for the fun and refreshment without all the artificial stuff.

Our snow cone syrups are made from 100% natural ingredients without ANY artificial colors or flavors.
We use as many organic and local ingredients as possible to ensure that our products truly are fresher than fresh.
After a successful first summer in 2009, FTF is looking to build on the business by further renovating the Shasta trailer that is the base of operations, and possibly expand the fleet to serve more customers/areas of the metro. If you're interested in helping them fulfill those dreams, you should check out the FTF Kickstarter page where you can pledge as little as a dollar or more. FTF has setup different levels of contribution which come with different gifts of appreciation. Your pledge only becomes a reality when the goal amount of $6,300 is reached. FTF is currently just over half way with 20 days left, so anything helps.

Personally, the $500 donation prize of a "Daredevil Special named after you" tempts me everyday. The Daredevil special being a more off-the-wall flavor that nets you a $1 discount when you order a normal snow cone. If I did it, I'd like it to be a marriage of hot dog, chipotle pepper and pumpkin. They could call it the Chimpotle or the Hairy Blumpkin.


The DLC said...

Didn't you spend a hundred bucks on a bottle of beer or something? You should totally do this.

Anonymous said...

So a for profit business is asking for donations, and people are actually falling for this crap because it's "natural?"

I'm all natural. I am trying to expand my basement to bigger than big. Donate please!

Chimpotle said...

Fresher than Fresh is providing an actual product/service, Anon. Maybe if you finally opened that bath house you've been talking about in your basement, people would chip in.