Monday, May 10, 2010

Unfortunately I Do Shit Like This: TGI Friday's Buffalo Cheddar Dip

This is kind of embarassing and just the kind of thing all of the hummus people were hoping I would admit to. I didn't buy the TGI Friday's Buffalo Cheddar Dip and when I first saw it at a little get together I imagined it would be horrible. I thought up jokes to tell about it. But my cheese dip loving self just couldn't resist giving it a try. It was good. I took another bite. It had a nice little spicy kick. I then made a plate of the weird orange looking pudding consistency dip with some chips. I ate it all and craved some more. But, I stopped myself from getting more. It was hard to do.

A couple of days later I was at Super Target and noticed the TGI Friday's branded stuff in the freezer section. I'm not going to lie, I started looking for the buffalo cheddar dip. I didn't find it. I wish I could say my search stopped there, but it didn't. I've been to other stores and I still haven't found it. I'd probably rather not find it. But I do want it. TGI Friday's Buffalo Cheddar Dip, apparently, I do shit like this.


Chef E said...

I ate at TGIF's with a few friends for the first time in two years a month ago, and I do not get them. We ordered bread, and it came out FRIED???

I have never seen the dip, so it must be a regional southern thing???

Careful, that stuff has more calories than eating a bowl of sugar, or bacon fat for that matter...

t said...

That dip is actually very good.

Chicken breast (shredded) with Ranch dressing, Cream Cheese, and hot sauce.

Brandon said...

Saw the dip at Sun Fresh in westport. It was in a cold case near the deli. Not saying anyone should go get it, but I noticed it.

bjn said...

bought this cheddar buffalo dip once.
It was a huge success...have never found it since and can't remember which grocery store had it.
Where can I buy this really delicious
cheddar dip?