Friday, March 5, 2010


I recently saw a tweet referencing a soon-to-open restaurant featuring a build-your-own mac & cheese. Intrigued, I followed their twitter to their website to find out Kansas City is getting another freaking hamburger place. In the past couple of year, the metro has seen a flood of "gourmet" hamburger outfits pop up. Just off the top of my head: Blanc Burgers & Bottles, Chef Burger, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Hamburger Mary's, SmashBurger (opening soon). This doesn't even include normal restaurants that serve gourmet burgers or places like the Westport Flea Market that some still claim as the best burger in KC.

For my money, it's doesn't get any better than Blanc, but I saw something glorious while looking at the menu for BRGR Kitchen + Bar. Something that will have me checking this place out as close to their March 10 opening date as possible. And that item? The Jucy Lucy.

I may be wrong on this, but the Jucy Lucy has been noticeably absent from KC since it was dropped from the Foundry's menu, giving me little to no reason to return. Blanc has a similar burger stuffed with bleu cheese, but nothing compares to the molten lava-ish ooze of processed American cheese pouring out of two compressed hamburger patties.

A solid read of the BRGR Kitchen menu actually has me incredibly psyched to pay them a visit. Before getting down to the Jucy Lucy, the San Antion burger w/ Cheez Whiz, black beans, onions and Fritos sounded like a dream come true. Many of their burgers sound like something I'd defintely like to have a go at. I'd also be doing a disservice if I failed to mention their hot dog options. What BRGR calls the Standard is known mostly as a Chicago dog in these parts, and they have a Chili Cheese to compliment.

There will be a number of fried side items available like at most gourmet burger places. Unlike most of the local places though, BRGR Kitchen does not have their head up their ass and will feature a sampler where you can get a small portion of three different offerings. I don't know why this is such a hard concept for the other restaurants. If your sides are meant to be shared, how do you not have a sampler option?

Finally, a Jucy Lucy is best enjoyed with a little sauce in you, and BRGR Kitchen + Bar looks to have a beer & wine list to get you there. They currently list 8 beers on tap with most of the true variety coming from a substantial list of cans. While thinking back to the one can of Corona I had makes me want to vomit, thinking about being able to grab a Chicago dog and a can of Old Style takes me to a special place. If you're looking for a higher quality beer, three Ska brews will be available, one of which was recently featured on the KC Beer Blog. There are three local options with Annie's Amber Ale available in cans and Boulevard Tank 7 and Free State Ad Astra on tap. I'm kind of curious to know how New Belgium ended up on three tap handles.

BRGR Kitchen + Bar will be opening March 10. It is located at 4038 W 83rd St in the Corinth Square shopping area of Prairie Village.


Robert said...

I, too, lament The Foundry taking the Juicy Lucy off the menu. For what it's worth, though, one of the waiters told me the Double Deluxe is more or less the same thing -- just with two patties topped with cheese, instead of a monster patty with the cheese inside.

Faith said...

FINALLY. Something new and yummy-sounding is coming to PV, and not someplace like south of 145th or in the damned P&L, or whatever. WOOHOO!

Now if we could just get a sushi place, my life would be just about complete.

Chef E said...

Now that sounds like my kind of place! With a wine and beer list!

Those patties which I made at home with the cheese inside to me do taste better than just a slice laid on top before its handed over!

Especially when you can add any cheese you want...

Rick in PV said...

Went to the practice opening Saturday night. Quite good for the get-go. I'll be back.

Rick in PV said...

P.S. to Faith: The original KC sushi place, Jun's, is in PV, at the intersection of State Line and Somerset Blvd (approximately 78th St.) facing the Hy-Vee. It's still top drawer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, check out Jun's. It's usually hoppin' in the evening.