Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shatto Pumpkin Spice Eggnog

Sunday night I picked up my first bottle of Shatto eggnog of the season ($3.99, $2.50 if you have a bottle to return). The first of many. Honestly, Anderson Erickson makes my favorite eggnog, but Shatto's is very good and is a little lighter with the nutmeg. The temperature and my need for nutmeg have an inverse relationship, as the temperature drops I will be craving the nutmeg heavy Anderson Erickson nog.

I found out from Chimpotle after I drank some nog that Shatto was coming out with a pumpkin spice eggnog today. It was a long couple of days wait, but finally today came. After dropping off my girls at preschool, the boy and I went over to Hy-Vee and picked up a bottle of pumpkin spice eggnog.

It's quite fabulous. It tastes more like pumpkin pie than eggnog. It kind of makes me question what the property is that makes eggnog, eggnog. I'm guessing it's eggs but that would make a Tom and Jerry eggnog wouldn't it? Like Jimmy Buffett, I'm not going to ponder the question too long. I'm just going to enjoy my Shatto pumpkin spice eggnog.

I somehow have to make this bottle last until the weekend or I'm going to OD on nog.

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