Saturday, September 26, 2009

Death by Food: Road Show Edition

Thanks to being forced to use my work vacation, and a sense of obligation to visit my wife's parents for the first time in 5 years, I found a reason to spend a little time in Minneapolis this week. My main mission was to pick-up some Surly, but I found even greater glory in the food of the Twin Cities.

Our tour guide had us ready to swing by some place called Yum for lunch, which sounds just a bit queer for my tastes. So as I pull up to a stop light listening to people try to decide whether to do burgers or spaghetti for dinner, I swung into the parking lot for Burger Jones and made a decision for them.

I knew nothing about this place other than the sign made me believe it's a gourmet burger place, and I'd much rather down that than food from a place known for cupcakes. Sure enough, we walk in to see a bevy of beers on tap and a menu of diverse burgers to be had. Right off the bat, I was conflicted by three burgers: the green chile cheeseburger, the hangover or the white trash burger. The wife agreed to go after the green chile burger, which made my decision so much easier. Who am I? What do I do? I eat food with an item description of "chicken-fried bacon, fried cheese curds, and plenty of Velveeta." White Trash Burger it is.

Notice the Kansas state flag on the burger. Either I have grossly underestimated my nation-wide popularity, of the waiter was extremely observant when carding me for the draft Surly Bender I ordered. The first bite of this thing was like heaven. Perfectly cooked burger, a heaping dose of Velveeta, and some crispy fried goodness. As I progressed through it, my admiration began to slowly decline. The burger wasn't cooked evenly. The fried curds were a lot of air. It was still delicious, but more along the lines of ChefBurger quality rather than the heaven that is Blanc here in KC.

Plus, what is the deal with the lettuce and tomato? I'm trying to kill myself here, and you throw in some veggies to sog up my bun and provide some much needed help to my colon for later? Apparently they do this for every burger, as is evidenced by the green chile burger and daily special featuring a dickload of shrimp below. The White Trash was easily the best of our three.


jill said...

shrimp on a burger? that looks nasty.

JJSKCK said...

I can only hope that the Kansas flag is not the default for ALL white trash burgers ordered at said establishment.

The DLC said...

I've recently come to the conclusion that lettuce has no place on a cheeseburger. It has made me a very happy man.

Faith said...

Agreed with jill. That shrimp doesn't look right laying on top of that burger. BLECH.

But I do love the sign for the place. That would have made me want to try it, too!

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