Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fish and Frites

A couple of weeks ago everyone in my building got a $5 off coupon and menu from Harry's Country Club. This was a welcome change from the JCCC Continuing Education catalogs I usually find in my work mailbox. Since then, I have been walking around telling my work colleagues just how wonderful Harry's is. I've spent a good amount of time disparaging that girl that said bad things about Harry's on "Check, Please!" I've talked about the great happy hour, the burger that I love and the multitude of beers. But, I hadn't used my coupon. Yet.

I had been saving my coupon for a Friday when they have fish and chips as a daily special. I order fish and chips a lot around town, I'm typically disappointed. But, unlike the Cuban sandwich, I've had really good fish and chips. It keeps me coming back for more.

I made plans with Buttery Nipple to head over there which entailed talking him out of eating lunch at The Flying Saucer (where he would live if they would let him). He only agreed if I would drive over there because his delicate little legs can't walk the 8 blocks.

The hostess seated us inside. The bar was about 3/4 full and the patio had to have at least 4 or 5 tables filled. Harry's is quite the bustling lunch spot. In all my time downtown, I had never eaten at Harry's for lunch, I didn't know how crowded Harry's was going to be.

Every other time I've been to Harry's I've had an adult beverage, but since this was lunch and I'm not much of a lunch drinker I decided to try the fresh squeezed lemonade. I love a good glass of lemonade, especially on a hot day like it was on Friday. I hadn't realized when I ordered my lemonade that it was $2.95 for a single glass, but it was quite tasty but had a little more of a tart bite to it than I find ideal. I almost got a refill for a buck but decided against it.

In addition to the fish and chips special they had a barbecued pulled pork sandwich special. I kept my willpower strong and stayed with the the fish and chips, marking the first time in my personal history that I've turned down a pulled pork special. Luckily Buttery Nipple ordered it so I could see just how fabulous it was.

When my fish and chips came out I was a little disappointed that I only got 2 pieces of fish instead of 3 and one of the pieces was about half the size of the other. Also, calling this dish fish and chips is not really accurate, it was more like fish and frites, because the fish was accompanied by Harry's regular shoestring style fries. This is okay by me because shoestring fries are my favorite style and Harry's does them well with a good crisp to them. Before I start my raving I will add one other criticism, the lemon that came on the plate was cut as a cocktail garnish. I actually had the same kind of cut lemon on my glass of lemonade. I would have preferred a proper lemon wedge.

Those minor points aside, the fish was perfect. I've long judged fish and chips by how much I reach for the malt vinegar. These fish were so good, I almost forgot to ask for some. I only asked for malt vinegar because I found it odd the server didn't bring it to me in the first place. Every bite of the fish, though, was a delight. The batter wasn't greasy, it offered a nice little bite to it and had nice flavor. I did salt it a little and brought out even more flavor. I tried a bite with some malt vinegar on it as well, but I enjoyed the bites without malt vinegar so much more. The fish inside was still juicy and was perfectly cooked. I don't know if these are the best fish and chips in KC, but I submit that they are a finalist.

Buttery Nipples pulled pork sandwich looked good and he enjoyed it. I'm glad I went with the fish and chips especially since I'd had such a great pulled pork sandwich the day before. The only bad point about Buttery Nipple's lunch was the baked beans which he took one bite of and said "straight from the can". We surmised that it was probably a can of Bush's baked beans (has anyone ever really enjoyed a can of baked beans?), but a can nonetheless.

Even with my coupon, my lunch tab with tip was $12. But the fish and chips was so good that I'll go back next Friday (and probably won't get the lemonade) and many more Fridays to come. My quest for the best fish and chips won't end, but I know I have a favorite in the clubhouse.


The DLC said...

Dude Bush's vegetarian baked beans are good straight from the can.

m.v. said...

between all the reviews I am not getting any skinnier

Chimpotle said...

Do you heat the of veg baked beans over fire or go cold spaghettio-style?