Monday, March 9, 2009

Royally Screwed

For a town known for its great barbecue, the businessmen making decisions about what barbecue you eat seem out of the loop. First came the Power & Light District downtown. Who wants high quality, local barbecue when you can have something like Famous Dave's in the middle of a brand new entertainment district? It was even slated to be the first restaurant to exit the district before strings were pulled and it was forced back in.

Now we have the Royals. I'm not going to pretend to know the whole situation, but it seems like another ball dropped to me. Prior to the remodeling of Kauffman Stadium, Royals fans were blessed to have the expensive yet tasty option of Gates barbecue in the stands. This season, the stadium will open with an outfield plaza filled with new concession and restaurant options. Two new smokers and what do we get?

No KC barbecue franchise link at all? The cow makes me kind of scared that Zarda may be involved. With something like this coming in, is a place like Gates even going to remain in the stadium at all? Feel free to check out this post from Around the Horn in KC for the other cliche baseball named eating establishments you can enjoy this summer.

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Owen said...

I called them today to inquire and those assholes didn't call me back. But I'm working on finding out.