Saturday, January 24, 2009

Classic Brrrr: Shatto Ice Cream

After several months of checking my local grocer's freezer, I made a stop at another store and found myself some Shatto Ice Cream. I believe it's been available since the Summer, but I was only able to strike gold recently at the Cosentino's Price Chopper at 119th & Metcalf.

It's pretty fantastic stuff. Like their milk bottles, each flavor has it's own signature word printed on the carton. Chocolate features "Brrrr" to Vanilla's "Classic." Shatto's website states that a strawberry variety will also be hitting store shelves before long.

The ice cream tastes very fresh, and each pint carton has a hand written expiration date on the bottom. Coming only in pint form, I don't think there will ever be an issue of these approaching expiration in my home. On the flavor side, I believe the chocolate is far superior to the vanilla, but that just might be my own person preference. The vanilla would be great to mix with some homemade toppings or fresh fruit...maybe use it in a root beer float if Shatto's root beer milk doesn't already get you there.

While I say the vanilla would be good with toppings, I'm very happy that Shatto avoided the topping-filled ice cream that saturates the current market. Most of the time I eat other ice creams, I find myself digging for the topping spots because the ice cream itself tastes horrible. With the offerings from Shatto, you're getting quality ice cream that you can enjoy however you see fit. If you need help making homemade ice cream toppings, I recommend you look into a Slap Chop. You're going to love Vince's nuts.


Owen said...

I found a really delicious thing to do with the vanilla is add a little roastisserie cold coffee and mix it together. Best coffee ice cream you'll ever taste.

Erin said...