Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jason is a Beefeater

I'm starting a new feature on this blog where I publish my comments from a restaurant's complaint form. I don't have a name for this feature yet, so if you'd like to offer one, leave a comment.

Today, I decided to give Jason's Deli a try. I intended to go to the Sub-Par Steak Co., but couldn't pull the trigger, deciding on Jason's Deli instead (they're in the same building downtown). I ordered the Beefeater, a roast beef sandwich with au jus. These are the comments I left on their feedback form.
I ordered a Beefeater po'boy and on the menu it says specifically that it comes with mayo and, most importantly, a cup of au jus. What I got was a roast beef sandwich with no mayo and no au jus. In my mind, the au jus is what makes the sandwich and what I had when I opened up my bag was an inedible lunch.

You may ask why, didn't you go back to get some au jus, and my answer would be that it's 30 degrees out, I have a small cold, and it's a couple of blocks to walk. Not to mention, the time commitment to walk it, acquire au jus, walk back and come back to my no longer hot meat sandwich.

This was just a completely disappointing lunch. This lunch brings my streak to 3 at Jason's. 3 straight disappointing lunches.

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Snackie Onassis said...

That will be a tough one to name. Sincerely Disgusted?

I am not a Jason's Deli fan, and I normally get everything I order. Most people I know who like the place mention the free soft serve. It's kind of sad. These are also people who have no issue regularly eating at Chili's, Applebee's, On the Border, etc.